CROATIAN ROOTS include following services for you:

  • Find in what parish has your family belonged  to based on your surname and name of place of origin.
  • If necessary, small preliminary research to find where  your families  parish records are from.
  • Methodical search of the birth, wedding and deaths records in the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb and in the local archives throughout  Croatia.
  • Order records  necessary for  research  (which are still not available for users)  from the Croatian state Archives in Zagreb or any other local archives.
  • Making   and sending  photos of documents  related to your ancestors.
  • Contacting local offices.
  • Contacting local churches.
  • Obtaining original birth, marriage and death certificates of  your family members.
  • Sending letters to people from Croatia who could be related to  you based on the same surname.
  • Visiting  your place of origin in Croatia ( contacting distant relatives, priest, local office, photographing old houses, village, church, cemetery)
  • For those interested in visiting Croatia, we are available as  giudes, translators  or drivers  to your place of origin which often lead to many happy reunions.