“Ms. Frigan has been the perfect researcher to assist me in my efforts toward learning about my European ancestors. She is most knowledgeable and efficient. She was also a wonderful personal guide for my daughter and me when we visited Zagreb in Croatia. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun, too. Her background in history is invaluable.”
Janet Harper
You had done some research for me on my Marijanovic family in Vrbica a while back and because of circumstances at the time, I don’t believe I was ever able to thank you properly. Thank you so much for everything. You found more answers than I ever hoped for and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.
Mrs. Sanja Frigan Ciuha , history teacher, is one of the founders of the Croatian genelogy society „ Pavao Ritter Vitezović“, founded in 2005. in Zagreb.

She entered the society with the expirience of a proffesional geneologist, having done a large number of family trees, especially for descendants of Croatian emigrants to the New World.

With references like that she has also lead a work group of the geneology society for contact with croats outside their homeland. Regarding that, she was also a host to Croats from the USA who were brought in 2006 and 2007 by Mr. Robert Jerin to visit the Croatian national archive.

The memebrs of the society „ Pavao Ritter Vitezović“, as well as everyone else who had a chance to get familiar with the owrk of prof. Frigan Ciuha appriciate her great input in hte research of the history of our ancestors.

Mladen Paver
I have used Sanja to research 4 Croatian family names. Her work and knowledge of the National Archives, church records, and Croatian history are quite impressive. Because of Sanja, she was able to trace my grandfather’s footsteps from when he was born to his journey to America. With the information, she was able to find my relatives and set up communication for us. Two years ago, our first stop in Croatia was Zagreb. My family and I wanted to meet Sanja and tell her how much we appreciated her. To this day, my Croatian relatives are very grateful that I wanted to learn more about my family.
Tracy Vukich Major
When I contacted Sanja a couple of years ago I found a wonderful genealogist. I have worked with her on and off through out the year with each step getting closer to my Croatian family.
I find her prices very fair and you can do it step by step paying as you move forward. It was recently that Sanja found my family in Zagreb. The hard part is I do not understand Croatian language and they do not understand English. Right now I am working on learning.
Sanja is the best and very honest. I would not want anyone else to help me. I highly recommend her.
Thanks again Sanja for all that you have done for me and my family
Lillian D’Agostino
I want to thank you for making one of my life’s dreams come true. For years (I’m now 69 years old) I’ve wanted to learn more about my Croatian ancestors prior to their migration to the U.S. Unfortunately, all of my aunts and uncles are gone and I had nobody to contact for this information and was about to give up hope of ever learning more about my family,
Then I saw your name on the Croatian Roots website and read your background. Communicating with you by internet was flawless and within a few short weeks you provided me with information about 4 more generations covering a period of 200 years. Now I feel my genealogy is complete and I will be able to pass these records onto my children and grandchildren for them to enjoy when they reach my age. Thank you again for your help. Without you this could not have happened.
Joe Barton
Joe Barton
Livermore, CA
I am very pleased with the research about my ancestors, done by Sanja Frigan Ciuha. She started with only several information about my grandmother and the name and surname of my great-grandmother, and traced my entire family back to 1663.
Miha Fuderer
I found Sanja to be a true professional and a dedicated genealogical “detective”. She explored all possible paths in uncovering centuries of my family tree, as well as connecting me to living relatives from around the world.Sanja is conscientious, responsive, a wonderfully thorough researcher, and a joy to work with. Many thanks..
Nancy Kula
For years, our family knew almost nothing about our family in Croatia.
When I became interested in the family history and started to do some research online, I quickly realized that I needed a Croatian Genealogy Specialist. I found the CroatianRoots website and contacted Ms.

Frigan-Ciuha. After I told her what information I had about the family, she quickly found records dating back to the seventeen hundreds. I was very impressed with Ms Frigan-Ciuha’s knowledge and her precise and detailed information.

Ms. Frigan-Ciuha went one step further and wrote letters to the “Bašuras” still living in Croatia.
Through this effort we found that we had several “first cousins” and we have been able to visit them and keep in contact with them.

We cannot thank Ms. Frigan-Ciuha enough for all her dedicated effort on our behalf.

Mrs. Martha Bašura