Permission to marry

In my many years of work on genealogical research, I have only once come across a record like this, dated 1934, in which the future groom receives a medical certificate for marriage based on a detailed examination. The record concludes that he has no sexually transmitted diseases.

We cannot determine who and why requested the said examination, whether such an examination was legally required or whether it was requested by one or both of the future spouses. In any case, the marriage between Jakov Špaleta and Ivanica Barešić lasted for the next 59 years until his death on May 27, 1993.

Attached is the original certificate of medical examination of Jakov Špaleta (and the English translation) and an entry from the register of marriages of the parish of Diklo about his marriage to Ivanica Barešić on October 7, 1934.


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