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Find in what parish has your family belonged  to based on your surname and name of place of origin. If necessary, small preliminary research to find where  your families  parish records are…


“Ms. Frigan has been the perfect researcher to assist me in my efforts toward learning about my European ancestors. She is most knowledgeable and efficient…
Arbanas, Andrijašević, Angelini, Augustinić, Babić, Bača, Bačica, Bačić, Bahlen, Bahun, Balen, Bartol, Basa, Basar, Basrak, Basta, Bašić, Bašura, Bauer, Belanek…
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About me

Sanja Frigan Ciuha was born in 1964. in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated at the University of Zagreb in 1989. with degrees in history and the Russian language. She soon became a teacher, teaching history in a high school in Zagreb.

In 1994. she started doing geneological research as a hobby, tracing her Frigan family tree down to the year 1699. in the parish of Moravče, near Zagreb.

After that she started working as a professional geneologist, researching family trees of hundreds of customers of Croatian origin spread out all over the world (USA, Canada, Australia and South America). In 2005. she was one of the founders of the Croatian geneological society “Pavao Ritter Vitezović“.

destroyed book

In a bell-ringer’s barn…

During my research on the Matković family tree from the Virje parish, I came to a point when in that parish th...
slika 3

Letter on a grave

This genealogical story begins in October of 2017, when I was contacted by ms. Barb from USA to research the f...

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The service I can give you if you choose to work with me:

you can pay for any number of hours you wish are spent on researching your family history, the work is extensive, thorough and quick, you can have the results in only a few weeks
to get the information you need, the research is done looking through different types civil registers (birth and death certificates, marriage licenses) or national arhives, offices..
you can always inquire about the status of your reseach subject and get frequent updates about the progress (data and information already found)
Do you need professional geneologist, researching family trees you are at the right place, contact me: Sanja Frigan Ciuha

What Our Clients Say?

“Ms. Frigan has been the perfect researcher to assist me in my efforts toward learning about my European ancestors. She is most knowledgeable and efficient. She was also a wonderful personal guide for my daughter and me when we visited Zagreb in Croatia. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun, too. Her background in history is invaluable.”
Janet Harper
I want to thank you for making one of my life’s dreams come true. For years (I’m now 69 years old) I’ve wanted to learn more about my Croatian ancestors prior to their migration to the U.S. Unfortunately, all of my aunts and uncles are gone and I had nobody to contact for this information and was about to give up hope of ever learning more about my family,

Then I saw your name on the Croatian Roots website and read your background. Communicating with you by internet was flawless and within a few short weeks you provided me with information about 4 more generations covering a period of 200 years. Now I feel my genealogy is complete and I will be able to pass these records onto my children and grandchildren for them to enjoy when they reach my age. Thank you again for your help. Without you this could not have happened.
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Joe Barton

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