Keep it in the neighborhood!

Sometimes while researching genealogical roots of various individuals, I stumble upon an unexpected example that shows the atmosphere of a historical era. That’s how I found this yewel! 🙂

During the first half of the 20th century it wasn’t uncommon for a husband, as the head of the family, to leave Croatia and go earn a living in a different country, usually to the USA. In this particular case the husband left, but his wife Rozalija stayed at home and didin’t go with him (which wasn’t strange). However, during her husband’s stay in America, Rozalija found comfort in the warm embrace of her neighbour Petar and had a baby with him. How the story unfolded after that the records don’t show 🙂

The text reads: ” Ovo diete rodilo se u odsutnosti muža Rozalije, koji već više godina boravi u Americi te navodi da je otac ovom djetetu Petar B…..” (This baby was born in the absence of Rozalija’s husband, who has been living in America for years. and she states that the father of this baby is Petar B…)


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